Do You Want Free E-Drops on Your Site?

Some things that seem bad are sometimes just blessings in disguise.

You know why?

Bad news: My other blog, Money Wise, has been disabled by Blogger in April 3. I already requested for its restoration but so far, it still wasn't restored. My friend, Lee, already prepared a lot of new posts for it during the long weekend but it can't be accessed till now. Too bad.

Now, here's the good news: it's still receiving a considerable number of entrecard drops even when it's disabled. Isn't it nice? I think even if Blogger disabled it for a month, it will still get drops.

Do you want free e-drops on your site too?

PS. I'm not proposing something illegal here. LOL. Just drop on those sites that can drop even when a blog is disabled and probably, they'll drop back to your site day after day after day. That's free drops, right?

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