April Surprise: Page Rank 3!!!

Yes!!! Barely three months after "The Twitterer" was started, this blog already gained a Page Rank rating of:

No, this is not an April fool's day joke. I learned from an article in Bogcess' E-Pera blog about the update in the Google Page Rank of some of his blogs. I tried checking The Twitterer's rating out of curiosity and, alas, it jumped from Page Rank 0 to Page Rank 3! I checked out my other PR3 blog (Money Wise) and it still maintained it's PR3 rating. Wow, I'm glad to be a PR3 blog maker!

Thanks to all of you who supported my blog. I know I can't make the PR3 at such a short period of time without your help and constant visits. I'll try to come up with better posts that will make your visit here more entertaining, enlightening and uplifting.

I am requesting you to also visit Money Wise, formerly Bloggista Info Corner. My friend (Lee) recently did some make-over but I still remain as a contributing writer to the blog. It's now focusing on personal finance, business/entrepreneurship and making money online.

Happy blogging everyone. Love and light!

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