To Rache: I Am Not a Code Thief

This morning, I was annoyed by a message left in my message box at At Home With Georyl from Rache. She said "don't steal my code". It was not a question - it was a declaration. An accusation stemming from the fact that I created my own Adgitize Click Tool - similar to that one that she has on her site.

I replied to her message both through the same message box and through the contact form on her page. I wanted to be clarified why she said that. She replied by an email asking me why I stole her adgitize tool. And then left a message in my chat box saying i'm sure you knew exactly what I meant, you deleted my comment on your adgitize click tool post? hey, you forgot to change the links in the code.... This is not true. All comments on that blog require manual approval and I wasn't able to check them out immediately because I was focused on clarifying the issue at hand that's why it wasn't published yet.

Checking my The Twitterer blog, I again read a message in my chatbox and in the comment section in my post. I wanted to understand her and deal with this issue as professionally as I can that's why I asked for clarifications before saying anything. I thought she's a professional too and I was hoping that she'll act that way so it kinda infuriated me to see that she already posted her accusations everywhere. Now, should I just stay mum?

First of all, I am not a thief. If creating a drop list is a sin for you, then it's your problem, not mine. Drop lists both for entrecard and adgitize had been existing for years now. You are not even the original for it. John has a droplist, Chinaren has a drop list. Pehpot has a droplist too. People who work smartly use tools because it aids them in what they do.

If I wanted one that features sites that I wanted to be featured there, how will it be a problem to you? I don't even require those featured in the list to post my badge on their site, to follow my blogs nor to subscribe to my posts. Most of them are not even aware that they are on my list or that At Home With Georyl even exists. It's my personal tool to help me in my adgitizing and I just placed it there in case other bloggers might find it useful.

You are saying that I stole your code. YOUR CODE? Well, I didn't know that you own the onclick=" code. Why is it that a lot of people post that code online if you own it? You should have informed the world, especially those who post those html tutorials online not to use YOUR code.


Oh, so that's why... Yes, really... it's a shame!

UPDATES: In reply to your comment below, here is my say:

I'm not dumb. I know how to input this phrase into google and search it "how to open multiple web pages with a single click". Onclick was one of the ways I discovered from that search. Don't claim the code as if you own it.

Now, I don't know why you say that we have the EXACT links. Those are the sites I encounter whenever I adgitize, drop EC and click spikes at CMF so naturally, they are the more popular blogs. Besides, the site owners didn't say that only you can link to them.

Don't disparage my adgitize tool because, unlike you, I include links there without any conditions.

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