Fail Whale Tales

I notice a lot of twitter updates are running late - very late - and the feed through from the twitterer's twitter account to this blog runs extremely late and sometimes not at all.

It took Evan Williams, co-founder of Twitter, a lot more than 140 characters to explain why he is stepping down as CEO... Meanwhile, Chris O'Brien asks whether Dick Costolo, who on Monday was named CEO of Twitter, is the right person for the job. New York Magazine writes - How are you going to convince advertisers and future stockholders that your company is the go-to source for real-time updates if your own feed is yesterday's news? Worse, Costolo's employees were already throwing out zingers into the news feed. Twitter's communications guy, Sean Garrett, wrote, "OH: The site has had 100% downtime since I've been CEO." Co-founder Biz Stone quipped, "Our #newtwitter was designed to be easier, faster, and richer but our #newtwitterceo is faster, older, and balder!"

Twitter has unveiled a new "Promoted Accounts" category empowering advertisers to push their brand accounts in the "Suggestions for you" section. "Promoted Accounts" is in the testing mode and only a "handful of companies" will be able to promote their Twitter accounts.

One more! Peanuts' Charlie Brown Gets Facebook Page, Twitter Account, and New TV Movie!

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