World of Problems

Hello again , today guess what I did!..... absouletely nothing... lol... just got done eating a burrito yum.... Hey I take that back... I went over to my cousin's house...

It absolutely amazes me how the EMTs' and the "cops" continue to try to help all the idiots running around loose. They go out of their way to help the stinkin' drug addicts, drunks and domestic disputers. There seems to be no solution as this has been going on forever. This costs millions of dollars and all we do is build more jails. I think we are all aware that most of the problems happens in the home environment. Poor neighbourhoods, where the schooling is also poor and most feel what good is an education if no one will hire them. The gangs are their family and there is no fear of dying. To die so young and yet is there any future for them?

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