WhY We HeRe?

If you believe past life, then, this might be the answer. And according to this fact, and if you believe it, what you did in the past life will create some sort of story in your present life, and what you do right now, will create the story for your next life. i can tell you i have this feeling that i will wonder why i am the kid of my parents and why they are my parents. i guess these are all questions that we cannot answer. People are afraid of death, but, when we think about it, this date will come regardless of who you are. Do people know that the date they come to this world is also the date their lives started to "count"? i guess, all these questions are the questions behind the ultimate question --- what's life? i will not say, enjoy the moment, i would rather say, experience each moment that your life is giving you. All the things that we meet or experience each day were meant to be happened in that way. At least, i think it is like that :)

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