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got up at 1:30 pm (only 'cos i went to sleep at 5 am yesterday) only to find out nikki and denti went to the mall for lunch! So naturally they couldn't wake me up 'cos the only thing that could happen is me die of starvation but i mean hey! that's ok rite!?..Stupid f'n denti..i hate her..meh.... anyway so i found some brownie cakes *yummie* and that's what i ate for brunch ....=). Then since i wanted to blog so badly (writersblock must be lifting) i went on the computer only to find out that the stupid fucked up site is having some problems!! ***Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr* makes me wanna....... So because i couldn't do that i went onto denti's blog (i'll put up a link for that some day...i promise) and wrote a comment she was a bitch. That only took about 10 minutes of my time so i was still fucking bored!!!!. I wasted all day online looking at other peoples blogs. Yup im dead serious. Sat on my fat ass in front of the computer all day.

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