BBG's Fourth Monthly Shots

Last Friday, George and I brought BBG to the clinic for her 4th month shots. It was surprising to learn that in just a span of a week, our little princess became 5 ounces heavier. Whew, that explains why my arms gets easily tired whenever I have to carry her for a long time.

Anyway, for this visit, BBG had four vaccine shots aside from an oral rotavirus vaccine. I felt really bad when she was given her shots because she cried so hard. Imagine, she was injected twice on each thigh while George and I were trying to keep her still while she's lying down! After her ordeal, I carried her to soothe her and she stoppped crying after a few moments. When I started putting her down, she might had thought that she will be given shots again because she cried immediately.

Nurse Chris gave her tylenol to help ease whatever pain she's feeling. And it's good that we had the same medicine at home because the next day, BBG had fever. But she's now well. She's currently peacefully sleeping in our room while I'm updating this blog and her daddy's tinkering with his laptop.

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