Blogger in Draft Themes - My Opinion

When I learned about Blogger in Draft from Cornyman's post a few months back, I immediately tried their themes because I was looking for a new theme at that time.

BID offered various designs and templates - and they were easy to style too. With just a click of the button, you can mix and match everything.

At that time, I thought it was just me (or my computer, that is) but I noticed that it was harder to scroll down and up using their template. I would compare it to driving a car where instead of accelerating faster as you step on the gas, it becomes a stop-and-go jerking movement. Sorry, I don't know enough computer lingo to explain this in more technically appropriate terms. LOL!

As I bloghop and do my adgitizing and EC dropping rounds, I immediately know if a blog is using a BID template. Whenever I scroll down, the scrolling speed is so slow and even after I release the button, the page will still be scrolling down. Oh well, on second thought, it might help decrease your bounce rate because users will have to take their time in scrolling while looking for your EC widgets and adgitize slots in order not to "overscroll" it. But still, it's kinda distracting. I hope BID fixes that.

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