Soul Bleeding

It's funny how you can ramble on about complete crap when you know no-one is reading .. well i suppose someone COULD be reading this, but i really doubt anyone would make it past the first paragraph. I like the fact that i don't have to put in proper punctuation in this. Because no-one cares really!

sometimes it seems that i am so alone in this world. and i guess i kind of bring that upon myself. but when i think about it, i don't have any true friends. just maybe denti and nikki. a couple years ago i had a sex with nikki, and recently with denti. i know people that would frown on that, but i was with nikki was when my hubby and i were apart. denti and i were just fooling around taking pictures and one thing led to another. i don't think anyone knows how lonely lonely can feel until you wake up with nobody. i don't think i've ever let anyone in that close before as i did with nikki. and sometimes i wish i could find someone to be completely and utterly honest with. but the truth is, i barely know myself. and that scares me. nikki and i still french kiss sometimes. but it's just for a lark. denti now calls me "wifey" OMG

Ack. Depression. *sighs*

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