The Entrecard Hullabaloo

No, my site was not listed as an erring site and I'll vehemently deny any allegations if ever. I personally visit sites and drop those 300 EC cards per day despite my internet connection speed and busy life as a mom to a 5 month old daughter although I'm not much of a commenter.

But I do believe that there's a basis to this fuss about entrecard drops. My other blog, Bloggista Info Corner, received 8 drops today and 54 yesterday but based on my visitor counter, only 11 actually visited my site since the other day and two of them came from Google search engines. Wow!!!

It seems like this blog, The Twitterer, isn't spared too.

Oh well, I can't and I won't name names because they can't read it anyway (how can they do that when they were not here?) but thanks for the drops! You can do it for as many times as you'd like (suit yourself) for I won't know it... YET. But when I do... oh well, let's just see what happens when I do. (wink!)

PS. I don't believe that everybody included in Martin's list are ghost droppers because some of them are my friends and see their names in my chatbox, twitter widget, blogcatalog widget and comments section. What I mean to say is that it's possible that some EC members can cheat on their drops. This post is just for my peace of mind because eversince I read about that list, I became paranoid in dropping but then decided that I'll just let them be. If they cheat, then they cheat. It's their choice and let them bear the consequences but I'll just go on dropping anyway.

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