road spray

went out last night to our little spot - i exchanged glances with a woman that was there. she was so attractive. really, she was pretty hot. older than me. blonde. sexy body. same height as me. big tits! it was the first time i have been attracted to a woman like that in a long time. of course i am happily married to a man, but he knows that i look and that i think about having sex with women.

since the club welcomes gays its not unusual to see samesex couples dancing so when she came over to my table and asked me to slow dance i said yes. shes 45 and a nurse. after we danced we sat and chatted awhile. then we danced again and we kissed. she whispered wonderful naughty things in my ear. my panties were soaked by the time she fingered me. i called hubby and told him i would be really late. she treated me really nice so i returned her kindnesss and more. i said yes to all her requests. i feel happy and dirty and wonderful and confused. YAY!

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