My Bloghopping Find: Pinoy Teens Online

Have you encountered a site entitled Pinoy Teens Online during your bloghopping? If haven't, then you definitely must visit them, now.

As a Filipino, I'm proud to say that this site was created by Filipino teenagers and prides itself as the Philippines first and only Youth Site for Change. Although the site's market is mainly the Filipino teens, the site is brimming with content and information that older Pinoys who are teens-at-heart and even foreigners will enjoy reading.

Pinoy Teens Online feature different subject matters ranging from local and foreign news, entertainment, blogging tips and youth activities and campaigns. There are also educational topics (some sort of tutorial for different subject areas) and commentaries. Of course, social, emotional, financial and other issues faced by teeners in their day-to-day activities at home, at school and in the society are also discussed.

I just hope that the site's design is more colorful considering that the site wishes to capture the youth market. Nevertheless, it's black (or dark gray?) main color gives the impression that they taking their mission of bringing about positive change in the Philippines, South East Asia and everywhere seriously.

And that is what matters.

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