Friday Thoughts and Acknowledgment

What??? It's already Friday? My, what a busy week! I even forgot that my last post was posted almost a week ago and I need to post some new articles soon. Soon as in IMMEDIATELY.

Entrecard Advertisers
Let me start by acknowledging my Entrecard advertisers from March 19 to 25, 2010. Many thanks for supporting my blog by buying the EC ad slots during the past week.
If you're an Entrecard member and have more than 100,000 EC credits in your account, better use them or you'll lose them after March 31. That 100K cap on EC credits is one of the recent changes in the Entrecard rules and policies. If you don't know how to spend those credits, "The Twitterer" will be more than glad to advertise your site. (Wink!) But, hey, it's worth it because you'll also get a link in my future posts because I regularly acknowledge my EC advertisers via an article.

Harriet's March Comment Challenge
Some sad news. Well, not really sad. It's just that I don't think I'll be able to complete Harriet's challenge of posting 1,000 comments this month. I know I still have 5 days more to go but I'm still 495 comments short and unless I spam the comment boxes with "nice post!" and "I agree", I know I couldn't make it. One thing is for sure though, I'll continue posting comments whenever I find something interesting because I realized that when you share your thoughts about something, your mind becomes active (as compared to just being a passive reader).

Editing BooBoos: The Twitterer Disabled
For those who frequent my blog, I did some changes in my right sidebar some days ago. Blame it in my lack of computer know-how but I didn't realize that those changes I made caused my blog to be classified by Blogger as a SPAM blog and had it disabled.

The Hero
Thanks to Feron of Beyond Feron (he writes other blogs too) for sending me a message via Entrecard that he can't access my blog. I was able to do some changes and applied for the reinstatement of my blog.

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