The Wordpress Switch Updates

Well, not really switch. I am using Wordpress in a new site and I must admit, I am having a hard time because I am not a computer geek. I learned how to edit Blogger templates through time mostly by trial and error. Now, I'm faced with the task of learning Wordpress.

There were some delays in the launching of my new site. First, the template I wanted (Genesis Lifestyle Child theme) is not for free. Although I was able to find some free downloads for it, a fatal error message shows up whenever I install them. It's really hard to use pirated copies.

I finally settled on a theme yesterday. Although it is not a magazine styled theme (which was what I originally wanted), I find it easier to use because it didn't require a lot of codes. A great template for a Wordpress newbie like me.

Now I can focus on writing articles.

Oh... and creating my banner too. I need a 125 x 125 banner.

Happy blogging everyone.

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