To A Better Bathroom!

The first apartment we rented when we got married had the most amazing bathroom. I found out later that it had been created by knocking down a wall that resulted in the joining of a sunporch with a rather large pantry when the building was sub-divided by a previous landlord. The floor plan was well thought-out.

The towel racks, mirrors and other accessories were strategically placed and of the highest quality. The same could be said of the sink, tubs, faucets and tiles. (Not to mention oodles of closet space). I decided then and there that one day when we bought our own home, this would be the way I want our bathroom to look!

Fast forward to today... we recently closed on a wonderful house in a really great neighborhood. We'll be happy and safe. The kids will attend a wonderful school that's just a few blocks away! The first project when we move in (actually BEFORE we move in) is the bathroom!

First things first! I ventured out on the net in search of the bathroom furniture and accessories we will need. I found an amazing site, betterbathrooms!

All of the products are showcased on the landing page! They are eye-catching, with strong designs suggesting timeliness and durability. On the sidebar of the webpage there are things I had on my list, such as bathroom mirrors, along with things I hadn't thought of, like heated towel rails! (Which are now ON my list too!)

Betterbathrooms' website is very user-friendly: clear, concise and precise! That's just the way I like it when I'm ordering things!

Best of all, I can use my Master Card or Visa when I make my purchases. And should I need any particular fittings or adhesives, they are readily available directly through betterbathrooms! They're all about good products, fair prices and great service!

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