Making Money on Twitter

The only social networking site I'm active on are Friendster and Facebook, although I'm more into Facebook (because I have my farm at farmville and cafe world business to attend to, LOL!). I've heard of Twitter and even based my blog's title on it but I've never been into tweeting.

Until yesterday.

I was "promoting" my blog to my friend over YM chat when the topic of Twitter (as in the real site) came up. She's one of those people who can't seem to let a day (or even an hour) pass without tweeting her whereabouts or anything she fancies (peace Shine!). And guess what, I was surprised to learn that she's earning A LOT from her twittering (not millions though, just three figures but that's a lot considering that all you have to do is tweet and gain followers)!!!

Oh well, so this was what happened: I was planning to invite her to read "The Twitterer" but she had convinced me to create a twitter account instead. Then she said that I have to register at Adly as a twitterer and hopefully get a lot of advertisers to sponsor my feeds depending on the number of my followers.

So there I was opening a Twitter account and Adly account too. If you're into Twitter and would like to earn from twitter too, here's the link of the site that my friend suggested to me: Adly.

My problem now is how to gain followers... Oh-uh! Care to follow me?

Hope to see you there!

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