The Television

I recently attended a party hosted by my neighbor. It was a big party and it seemed like everybody was having a good time.

Sometime past noon, I heard a commotion by the den. Checking it out, I saw one of our neighbors shouting and accusing the hostess of stealing her television.

The hostess was temporarily dumbstruck. "What do you mean?" she managed to say after gathering her senses. She was embarrassed by what her guest had said especially since she noticed that her husband's business clients were curiously watching the scene.

"Don't tell me that you don't know," replied the guest. "How can you steal my television and display it here?! Well, tell you what? You forgot to change the channels dear so I know that it's mine. Don't act innocent!"

Now, the hostess can't decide whether to laugh or to get angry. She was hoping the other guests understood what's happening but she felt obliged to defend herself. "I did not steal your television. Just because your TV has some of the channels shown in that TV, it doesn't mean that THAT is your TV. You're mistaken, I'm not a thief!"

"You're so mean. We are rich and only our family can afford to buy a TV in this neighborhood," said the guest. "I'm just wasting my time here so I'll just go and never come back again!" the guest furiously shouted on her way out.

After she was gone, most of the guests can't stop laughing. Obviously that invited guest thought that only their family has the resources to buy a television set so she got angry when she found out that her new neighbor has a TV.

"Don't worry about it sweetie," I overheard the husband telling the lady host. "My business clients don't mind and people who know us don't believe her either. She obviously doesn't know who we are. Steal a television?! Hahahaha!!!!"

Note: Television clipart courtesy of ClipartHeaven.

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