Now Grading: Nothing Off Limits Here

Blog Author: Sandi/Sandra Bender

: Sandi says: "I'm here to blog about anything and everything. Nothing is off limits. I am a person who has done many things. I do many things. I am a mother, an artist, a singer and a cancer survivor." She adds: "I like to blog about many things. I was diagnosed with cancer and came back from that with another child and continued with college. My life is an open book." Er-well-we wish Sandi's blog were more of an "open book" - she posts infrequently

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: Sandi's blog has a nice look and feel BUT she just doesn't post enough! She's a person you want to get closer to, but maybe you'd be better off trying to connect with her on twitter. Currently has a Page Rank of 3.

The Twitterer's Grade: 3/5

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