Halloween Is Coming!


Jeepers Tweepers!

Your twitterer is getting into a spooky holiday groove! There's a plethora of holiday fun at Halloween For Kids! Now is a great time to start experimenting with Halloween photography, and I'll be capturing a few ghostly images myself on the 31st.

What about costumes? I was thinking of dressing up as Ke$ha, as hubby and I will be in Portland at the end of October!

Costume Quest, the next game from the Psychonauts and Brutal Legend studio DoubleFine — and more importantly, the only trick-or-treating role-playing game of the year — will be released on October 20!

Just in time for the pumpkin holiday, your child can make this Fun House Mirror for free at the Lowe’s Build and Grow Clinic.

Coming Soon: the twitterer's Halloween recipes!

And if you're into COSPLAY, Halloween is ALWAYS ON for you!

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