Mommy Marketing

Despite their lightweight moniker, mommy bloggers have become marketing business heavyweights. Now said to number in the millions, these online women have cobbled together content networks that rival some mainstream media companies. And they're clearly a force that retailers underestimate at their own peril. ~ AdAge

Ever wonder how advertisers try to figure out how to appeal to mommiebloggers like us? Here's a clue:

Unlike traditional advertising and promotions, which offer myriad ways to reach the consumer, the online space is on hyper-drive. Low barriers to entry and tech-savvy citizens across the globe offer up new marketing tactics on a daily (perhaps hourly) basis.

And that target Alpha Mom gets savvier and savvier, one day focusing her energy on original content, the next on product reviews. She's setting up a Facebook page, becoming a regular player on game sites, recording podcasts and setting up her own YouTube channel. And, in the meantime, new social media moms pour into the blogosphere and social media space.

So, that's how they think about us!

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