the twitterer OPENS GUEST POSTING!

I've gotten tweets, emails and tagboard messages from people who want to know if the twitterer accepts guest posts, and if that is the case, what are the guidelines. I thought it best to list the criteria in a post that I could refer everyone to later on.

I will publish ONE guest post a week.

Anything you submit can be related to twitter, microblogging, blogging in general. You may choose a topic based on your own personal experiences.


* Your post must be your own original work
* The post must be grammatically correct and well-written.
* The post may not include marketing-related links and cannot be entirely self-promotional.
* You agree to not publish the post anywhere else (unless it has already appeared on your own blog. You agree you will NOT submit it as a guest post to other blogs)
* You can include a link in the byline, which will be displayed at the beginning of the post.
* [OPTIONAL] The post may also include links to your website and blog in a brief author’s bio (approximately 3 sentences), which will be published at the end of the guest post.

How do I submit my guest post?

If your article meets the guidelines set above, you can email it to me thetwitterer.blogspot (at) You must include the post as a TEXT attachment.

Within 24-48 hours I will notify you that I accept or reject your article. If I reject your post (or if you don't hear back from me within 48 hours), you are free to use the copy in your own blog or to propose it as a guest post to some other website. All submissions will be verified for originality using a tool such as or

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