Monday Blooz

Today was my day back at work....argh... another morning shift! but it was all good cause i got to work with my buddy, Pokii Piper. the funny thing is, whenever me and pokii work together, we always end up slacking off and making fun of each other at work...which is probably why i like working with her more so than with my other co-workers. anyways, today the boss yelled at everybody...(its like a warning for doing something wrong), and the sucky part is that i didnt even do anything! for crying out loud!!! oh well, thats my life for ya.....tonight hubby is home with the kids so i plan to hang out with jen and maybe grab some takeout....and sleep for tommorow. hahaha....i know nini's gonna call me again and well talk till 1 in the morn....GOODBYE SLEEP!!!

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