Change is not always good!

This has happened many times to me! These days I have my lappie set in a fashion that NOTHING UPDATES, as in NEVER. The only exception is my anti-virus application.

Some of the programs I run and enjoy on my computer cannot be enjoyed by others thanks to "changes" and "upgrades" by the companies distributing them.

You gotta know when to leave well-enuff alone!

Then, there are so-called "improvements" that websites and companies make. No-no! What works should be left alone! Facebook is successful because it is simple! MySpace died because it got complex and out-of-control.

At the beginning of March, Twitter released an update for its official iPhone app which included a new feature called the QuickBar. The twitterati quickly turned into an angry mob — it seemed almost everyone hated this app addition.

Well, good news: Twitter finally listened to the angry masses and removed the QuickBar from the Twitter for iPhone app.


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