girls Night Out Comin' Up

i have SOOOOOOOOO much unchanneled nervous energy tonight! nikki and denti and i are goin' out clubbin and we went shopping today and bought these really sexy dresses. hubby told me to be careful. he says its ok if guys rub up on me as long as that's as far as it goes. i get excited and when i come home hubby is waiting and - you know the rest!

for some reason i have been thinking about my firstborn.. i was stunned when i found out i was pregnant with her. hubby was working out of town that week and i went to the doctor to find out why i was having dizzy spells and my breasts hurt. i never even thought i was pregnant. 2 weeks earlier i had a blood test and it came back negative.

uhoh - someone is calling on my phone - ok, i'll post some more later! cya!

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