Dear Thief


It's been a week since you decided that you wanted my car stereo badly enough to toss a brick through the window and pry it out of my dash board, and I am still laughing at you. In all honesty, I will probably be laughing at you for the next several weeks. I shudder with glee each time I pull into my driveway and see the blood you spilled in your endeavour. All of the blood in my car, I did clean though. You are probably diseased. I did snap a digital picture of it that I can open and laugh at you over and over.

Why do I laugh so hard?! You broke into my car and sliced yourself up for what?! A stereo that was already broken!

The cool thing is that I've been paying a monthly insurance premium which covers the stereo! The unit was sketchy and did not play MP3's. My new one does. Thanks again!

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