iNNer ThouGhts and eNcounTerS

what i was wearing today (picture by denti)

my personal revolution evolution

this blog is the place to write what i think, what i feel, well, what i "think" what i really am!

today i was walking and this older man hit on me. i wonder what goes through the mind of a man in his 50s, hair grey already, paunchy, approaching me, a nearly-30 lady, making up an excuse that he wanted me to help in a search for an address. it came up in conversation that he had ended his relationship with his girlfriend because she was taking too long to graduate and she did not want to marry him until school was done! he argued that for him, women had to stay home and care for children and the household, because the woman is not competent to work! as he spoke such nonsense, he noticed my wedding ring and asked if i would ever cheat on my hubby. i noticed he was looking down at my breasts and i thought as this was happening to me - how I would get out of this situation?

i told him in no uncertain terms - i said my heart is with my husband - and then he reached in and squeezed my left breast (i wasn't wearing a bra) and pinched my nipple and i felt both my nipples begin to erect. he smiled and moved off away. i thought about the woman who at the time that she started dating him was maybe perhaps about 24 years, dated him for 6 years, must have liked him and thought he would accompany her for the rest of his life, he just quit because she was "taking too much time"!. Now she is past 30 years old, and what a man wants a woman with 30+ years and to top it independent? NO!, The only one who divorced will have thousands of problems with his ex-wife, children, etc. and such!

i told my hubby what happened: he said "the guy probably just wanted to feel your tits" - a weird thing like this happened summer of 2009, but it was another woman who approached me at a club and as we sat in a dark corner she began caressing me and trying to kiss me. i let her touch me and tongue kiss me just to see what it felt like. i noticed a man coming over who was her boyfriend it turned out and they wanted a sex partner. i said NO and walked away. sexiness is a mysterious thing.

i told denti about it so she took some pictures of me and said i look "sweet" - before i got married nikki and i would french kiss a lot just fooling around, but that was different. recently denti and i have been kissing and i guess we had an i feel embarassed about sharing with you this information. no time for cold feet - clicking "publish post" - i am only a human girl

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