Divine Miss M

Something that has been troubling me is named Melissa. She is this really cool white girl who is new on the job, and i think i got myself in too deep with her. Actually, i know that I have. She's a lesbian and i let her kiss me a few times. exciting. i don't even feel like writing this. Thats really sad... i am that depressed that i don't even want to talk about it to myself. She wants me to come to her place. No objection, but her roomate Paula would be part of whatever happens. i met her the other day and she looks like she wants to eat me alive. too many people i know read this blog... so I can't really put everything i feel up here. decisions decisions

work really is troubling

i just feel like i am missing something. Like there is something out there for me, but i don't know what it is or how to get it... i shared with hubby,,, he's ok with me sharing time with Melissa (long as i come home to him) :)

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