Posting on a Cold Day

This is the way things should be! Crisp and cold and confusingly lovely. Finally winter coat weather!

With this new soundtrack to everything I do (Get Happy! by Elvis Costello), new things are happening. I love discovering the beauty of things on my own, and I did that numerous times today. I found good books about Communism/Marxism while I was in the library today. Not only that I found HUGE index of things about Feminist and Racial theory hidden in the corner, along with loads of good fiction by people like Nichloas Mohr. I'll go back tomorrow after work to actually check out all these lovely books. Because I stumbled upon this section about 10 minutes before closing time, and the librarian had already made the "last call" for patrons to come to the main desk and check out their material!

Today I wore my very special winter-only peacoat and bright blue scarf. I felt "artsy" and it was just beautiful to take in all my surroundings and absorb what was going on, all the patterns and sights and things in my community. It's great to notice new things about a place where you always are, a place that never seems to change, but under a watchful, observant eye changes almost too much.

On a sad note, I came upon a poor dead squirrel on my way home. Right in my walking path. In front of me. It had been run over, with blood coming out of its mouth, which was open, baring it's little delicate fangs. I weeped over that squirrel for a few seconds and chanted what I could remember from a Buddhist death mantra, I could only wonder who it was and if it had a family and what/who it was going to be in its next life. I still mourn for that little squirrel, just a tiny bit.

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