Say No to SMS

"Say No to SMS" is the most fucked up thing i've read to date! Some dumb ass bitch tweeted me about it, said i "must read this forever" ......

From what I can make of it via translation, some Muslims have money problems caused by sending SMS texts.

(OR maybe SMS stands for "Stupid Malaysian Shit" ?!?!!?)

The post begins "Assalamualaikum and 1Dunia, can be said with fingers how many times I use the SMS in a day." Ok, hold up your fingers and take a picture so we can see exactly how many.

It goes on "Twitter is best but ni pardon because I can not join # OctTwtFest 2011 in accordance with is reported breaking the world record." OK - really? Nobody cares!

Now for the funny part - "Joom we change and say "Say No to SMS". Technology really can help save costs if expenses can be used to the maximum and the excess money can be saved to do business online.

Yah, JOOM baby JOOM - use expenses to the max and save the excess money! o-key dough-key comrade!

Sounds like a real knockout manifesto you got there! LOL!

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