BBG's Fourth Monthly Check-up

This afternoon, we brought BBG to the doctor for her fourth month check-up. She was quiet during the ride on the way to the clinic. So quiet that I felt guilty knowing she'll be having her shots later.

When we arrived there, she was so behaved while the nurse was measuring her height, weight and other vital statistics. I'm not sure if she's just so sleepy and feeling lethargic or she's wondering about the new surroundings. She even kept still while her temperature was taken using a rectal thermometer.

Doctor Cheryl happily announced that BBG's weight and height are at the 50 percentile which means that 50% of babies her age are taller/heavier than her and 50% are shorter/lighter than her. She's at the middle of the scale. I'm happy with that knowing that she's comparing it with the american standard/average height and weight. I even thought that it was great when she said that at the rate BBG's growing, she'll be taller than me when she grows up. Wow! I'd love that!

I felt somehow relieved when I learned that BBG can't take her shots yet and needs to wait for another week. She's just so behaved at that time that I don't want to see her cry.

Just when I thought the check-up was through, Nurse Chris pointed to the doctor a small spot on BBG's arm. It's been there, I think, even when she was a month old but we always forget to mention it during her monthly check-ups. It's like a small lump, pimple-like and initially, we thought it was some kind of an insect bite.

I was surprised to learn that it's more serious than that. I forgot the exact term (all I can recall is that it starts with "mo") but Doctor Cheryl said it's a rock-hard something that usually grows in babies. That "whatever-the-term-is-I'll-do-the-research-later" grows bigger and she said it hurts babies! It's the first time that she's seen it on the arms because it usually grows in the stomach, and usually in lumps of three or more.

But one thing is for sure, she needs to take it out.

So while Mommy, Daddy and Nurse Chris were holding the baby and keeping her still, Doctor Cheryl operated on that pimple-like lump. We saw the round white thing that she took out but not after hearing BBG's wailing from the pain. My poor baby! My heart went out to her! But strong and brave as she is, BBG stopped crying after a few moments and acted like nothing happened. Atta girl!

PS. Pictures show BBG at 1 week old, 1 month, 2 months and 3 months....

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