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I Blog, I Care MovementWhen I started the I Blog, I Care Movement, I was hoping to rub off on my fellow bloggers the concept of social responsibility. I was disappointed to learn that some people would spam the I Blog, I Care Movement Link List with links to their site without the "I Blog, I Care" tag/post. This movement is really voluntary and nobody is forced to join but I was hoping you'd respect the cause and bring your link dropping elsewhere (FYI: you can also link exchange with me but do it here: LINK EXCHANGE).

Anyway, I'm happy that more bloggers are joining this cause. I edited the list to remove spammers and to post the actual POST URL of the I Blog, I Care Movement entries of some blogs. Please be reminded that what's needed here is your POST URL, not just the URL of your site. You can write your name/blog/article title (there's no required format actually) in the "Title" field but the "Link URL" field is just for your POST URL.

Happy blogging and keep spreading the love!

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