A New Twist in My Blogging Adventure - Everything For Free

In my previous post, I had said that I already have something in mind on where to spend my Adgitize earnings of $11.67. Add to that my earnings from Triond and I can now get my own domain - and web hosting for it too. I'm trying Wordpress for the new site but The Twitterer will stay at Blogger.

I'm so excited for this new site because I had convinced Daddy G to contribute a post every now and then. Since he usually leaves comments worthy of a full page article whenever he reads articles on news websites, he might as well share those thoughts with my blogger friends and reader.

There's also an interesting twist - I gained not only a contributor but an investor as well. Everything will be like free Blogger because Daddy G's gonna pay for the cost related to the Wordpress switch. Yey.... lucky me!!! That means free domain name and web hosting!!!

I will be sharing the new site's link to all of you when it's ready. Right now, it's still under construction. I just finished picking a template and will start writing a few articles in preparation for the "official launching".

Many thanks to Sheila of The Ad Master and Teen Suicide Talk, Evan's Mom of A Little Boy's Blog and Feron of Beyond Feron for taking the time to answer my queries and for the advices.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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