Philippine's First Automated Election Held Today

Today's election day in the Philippines. For the first time, the Philippines held an automated election and so far, reports has shown that despite glitches, Filipinos were not deterred from casting their votes.

When I chatted with my mother yesterday, she mentioned her concern about the peace and order situation in the country. She's wondering if the limited number of police and military forces will be able to control the situation considering the proliferation of goons and guns of crooked politicians as well as rebels and other groups not wanting the election to succeed.

I guess her concerns had a valid basis considering that today, the COMELEC already declared failure of elections in two towns in Samar and Iloilo because of the worsening security situation. Violence and other untoward incidents were also reported in many areas in the country although the military reported that the 2010 elections is more peaceful compared to the previous elections in 2004 and 2007. Vote buying is - well, a given. In our town, a congressional candidate pays P400 for a vote, whew!

Anyway, I missed voting this election. Too bad because it would have been my first automated poll voting experience. I wasn't able to register for the absentee voting too because the Philippine consulate is more than an hour drive from my place.

Next time, I guess....

My vote would have gone to Gordon-Bayani. They are not popular in the surveys but their track record shows that they are capable of doing their job.

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