Vacation Time

We will be having a vacation in my home country today and I can't wait to eat the foods that I really missed while I am here - partly because I don't know how to cook them and part due to the unavailability of some of the ingredients here. While you're reading this, our family is already on a flight back home to the Philippines - but you can still wish us a happy and safe trip.

Anyway, "The Twitterer" will not be idle while her author is on a break. I had prepared a series of posts that started yesterday with Warren's blog and I call this series "The Twitterer's Blog Grading Series". After reading about the characteristics of a good blog in various articles, I created a checklist and graded different blogs according to this list.

The featured blogs are randomly chosen from among my first commenters, frequent visitors, subscribers and EC droppers. If your blog is not included in the first part of the series, don't worry because I might still do the "Blog Grading" when I come back.

I apologize in advance because I might not be able to reply immediately to your comments or suggestions during my break but when I come back, I'm gonna give lots of linky love to all of you who'll continue to support "The Twitterer".

Have a great day everyone!

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