In My Search For Online Contests...

In my search for online contests to join, I got in touch with an online friend who'll be holding a contest next month. And guess what happened, instead of looking forward to something I could win, I found myself pledging to sponsor some cash prize. LOL!

No, the amount's not even in the two digit mark. I specifically told her that anything more than that will be made in I.O.U.s - after I cash out my earnings probably at CMF Ads or received my next earnings at Adgitize.

Speaking of Adgitize, I forgot to mention that I again received $11.38 from them this month. My previous earnings of $11.67 was paid in April. I also received my earnings (gift card) from Amazon as well as a few additional books from Booksneeze. I guess it's time to update my post about my online earnings as of April 2010.

I also joined a paid to write/blog site and so far, I have earnings of $10 just for a post. Isn't that cool? I still haven't checked the minimum cash out level but will inform you all how it will go once I already receive my first payment from them.

Anyway, if you're wondering about our escapades during our month long vacation in the P.I., feel free to check out my other blog. I already posted an entry about my parasailing experience in Boracay - posted some pics too.

Happy weekend everyone!

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