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Hi Twitterati!

It seems I'm taking over "The Twitterer" at a unique moment in Twitter-history. The microblogging service is still struggling (as in not making any money) and in a way that's good, because I'm struggling too! My goal is to carry on the wonderful tradition of "The Twitterer" while making the blog into a virtual "rest stop" on the internet!
@parsonslynn offers tips on making money with twitter!
Twitter has evolved from a start-up trying to attract users to a household name. With 145 million registered users and $160 million in venture capital, Twitter has been increasingly shifting its focus to figuring out how to earn revenue.

"We're not profitable right now. The specific thing I say over and over is that we've got plenty of time to grow. We're not worried. The profits will come." - Twitter COO Dick Costolo, on CNN

So what's the team up to? For starters, Twitter has hired two new sales executives as it beefs up its revenue plans. I was wondering if there might be a way Twitter could make more use of the celebrities it attracts. There may be no reliable way to make money off Twitter yet, but Lady Gaga surpassed Britney Spears over the weekend as the tweeter with the most followers.

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