A New Twitterer In Town

When I heard from "The Twitterer" that I would be the next in line to carry this blog, I was overjoyed! Since then, I have been preparing the launch of my personal brand. Followers will be glad to know that my posts and processes will continue the style you've come to know.

This is a wonderful blog! I will add a few new features and I plan to make this blog more interactive. I hope you will share my journey and eventually come to accept me as "The Twitterer."

Please note that your comments and participation will continue to be very important. I'd love to hear your thoughts as to how "The Twitterer" can become a better blog, of better service to you.

What do you look forward to reading? What kind of articles would most interest you? Is there anything that's missing here, that would make this blog more fun?

You'll see a little tweaking over the next week as the blog changes hands. And my hand is always extended to you, dear reader, offering the chance to write a guest post. And yes, there will be contests!

More to come!

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