The Twitterer Will Be Grading Blogs Again!

It's "Back-to-School" season; "The Twitterer" will now resume reviewing different blogs and grading them! Here's a chance for YOU to get your YOUR BLOG graded by a panel of professionals!

Some blogs that will be featured will be randomly chosen among my top Entrecard droppers, constant visitors, subcribers, followers and commenters. But even if you're NOT a regular here, you are welcome to submit your blog for review!

All you need to do is leave a note in my message box, or a comment on this or any other post, saying "Please review my blog!" and of course, leave your blog's URL.

No, I won't be revealing my criteria for grading. It's a combination of this and that. And those, too.

Please do watch out for it. Who knows, the featured blog might be yours...

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