Ah, there you are!

Trying to find a fellow twitterer? Karen on Blazing Minds has posted "How To Search For Twitter Users by Location, Bio and Tweets."

Wondering who's stopped following you or hasn't followed you back? ManageFlitter.com makes it easy to see which connections on Twitter you might just want to cut.

Power tip, via Christopher S. Penn --- Sign up for a free account at TweepML.org. Create a new list. Find "put a URL here"? Go to Twitter search and type in a specific query that gives decent quality results for something you're interested in, like "student loans" or "#musicmonday". If you get sufficient results, plug the search URL into TweepML and bam! Now you've got a list you can follow with one click --- people talking about that particular topic --- and --- YOU can join the conversation already in progress. Especially good for events with hashtags, like #Blogworld!

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