Merry Christmas! A *FREE* VPN Account!

A very special offer from chinaSMACK!

Why use a VPN?

1. You want to use a service or application that requires a US IP address.
A nice side benefit of using FBVPN services is that you can enjoy the use of a US IP address wherever you may be. Essentially, you will enjoy the same Internet as someone in the US.

2. You live in, or are visiting, a country that engages in Internet censorship or monitoring of content.
Beyond blocked services, more and more countries are engaging in Internet censorship or monitoring Internet users. FBVPN services will ensure full, anonymous, and uncensored access to the Internet from wherever you are.

3. You have a company-issued VPN but don’t wish to use it for personal business.
When you use your employer’s VPN, typically all your online activity is tracked by default. Also, using your employer’s bandwidth and IP addresses for personal business is likely to be a violation of your company’s policies.

4. You don’t want your ISP or network owner to be able to monitor or control your online activities.
You call it “your” Internet connection but it really isn’t. You rent access to the Internet under, often rather ominous, terms and conditions from an ISP, or you gain access through some other means under terms you aren’t even privy to.
Often there is no evil intent, but there have been many cases, even in the United States, where individual privacy and access to the free Internet have been blatantly and willfully disregarded.
We believe it is every law-abiding individual’s right to secure their data and protect their privacy online. Businesses wouldn’t think of sending data without VPN encryption to protect their interests. What’s good enough for them is good enough for you.

5. You don’t want Google, Yahoo, and other search engines recording every search you perform.

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