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"Bluebird" is from the album, "Children of Possibility," released on September 20, 2005. Russian DJ Vadim (aka "the John Coltrane of hip hop") collaborates with Swedish-Brazilian Yarah Bravo and American Blu Rum 13.

Here's the video on youtube - an HD clip is embedded below!

Dj Vadim, Yarah Bravo, Blurum (Oneself) - Bluebird

As a member of London’s underground supergroup One Self (Ninja Tune), Yarah rips the microphone apart and kills MCs and stereos. She has a versatile style, and slides effortlessly between soulful jazz-inflected lines and hard hitting rhymes with tonal movements and meter shifts complementing an aphrodisiac voice that was born to be broadcast. With more than 4 languages under her belt and as a child of two freedom fighters, she is a true renaissance woman with a purpose. (WorldWideRap.com)

Yarah told upfrontonline.net that she sees herself as a worldwide hip hop nomad with the universe as her playground. She books her own shows, shoots her own videos, makes her own clothes!

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If you like hard core hip-hop, here's a remix of Glitch Mob's "Fortune Days," done by DJ Vadim and featuring MCs Yarah Bravo and Pugs Atomz, part of a collection being released on January 12, 2011, The Glitch Mob is releasing a download-able 24-track remix collection with all proceeds going to benefit Download to Donate, a charity whose mission is to support disaster relief and reduce global warming. All proceeds will benefit relief for Haiti, as there are still 1.3 million homeless who need help.

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