The Future of Facebook

Although I am "the twitterer," I do keep an eye on other microblogging platforms and social networks. I have a very private Facebook account that I share with close friends and family only. Facebook has become a tool we have come to rely on. Much the same as we rely on Google to "search the web," we rely on Facebook to link up and hook up with people worldwide.

Have you ever wondered what the next big thing on the Net will be? Experience teaches us that no one really knows and no one can guess!

Can we be sure that Facebook will always be around? Venessa Miemis seems to think so... her new Kickstarter project which includes interviews with Om Malik, Rita J. King, Doc Searls, Sibley Verbeck and number of Internet philosophers and theorists. It's a provocative notion attempting to document the potential and speculative future of Facebook. What's intriguing is that the very existence of the project infers a belief that Facebook is a permanent, integrated part of our society!

Here's the linky! Watch the vid and please come back and comment!

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