Out of the Loop - Once Bitten, Twice Shy!

UPDATE: Loops are GOOD! Click the little widget directly below my EC widget!

Peeps! Yours truly received a message through entrecard the other day:

"...in the spirit of Entrecard Terms of Service I would like to Thank You for keeping your Entrecard Widget near the top of your page making it easy for a laptop user to drop without having to scroll.

In light of that, I would like to invite you to join an exclusive Loop Of Entrecard Sites that a drop surfer can quickly and safely drop on without having to scroll and without having to open ten sites at once.

Check it out here http://xxx and if you are interested send me your info and Get In The Loop."

I responded indicating my interest and then got this message back:

"Hello Twitterer,

Thanks for your interest in The Loop.

Did you want to join The Loop, if so, you will need a surf button under your drop button.

You can get it here http://xxx

Let me know and I'll get you in The Loop right away."

If / When you visit the website you may (or may not) notice THIS:

I joined something like this before. After a few days, the twitterer was no longer on the list. I rest my case.

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