Royal Wedding Rules Twitter‎!

The royal wedding dominated social media sites, with dozens of mentions every second on Twitter and Facebook!

Stephen Colbert: At the Royal Wedding. Crap, I'm wearing the same thing as Camilla.

Vanessa Minnillo: I said to myself I wouldn't be this girl, but here I am watching #TheRoyalWedding LIVE with no plans to sleep soon!

Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton : Absolutely beautiful couple!!! They look exquisite!

Victoria Beckham: London looks beautiful!!!we are so proud to be British! X VB x

Jamie Lynn Spears: Oh my!! Real life fairytale!!

Josh Groban: Ok I admit it, I've been up watching. Got a bit sleepy after the whole "I will" part but the music was gorgeous. #RoyalWedding

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