twitter + tweetdeck = perfect sense

According to Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, social networking and microblogging website Twitter Inc. is in advanced talks to purchase TweetDeck, a desktop Adobe AIR-based Twitter client that allows users to manage and filter their tweets and followers, for $50 million.

Tweetdeck, based near east London’s “Silicon Roundabout” cluster of internet start-ups, accounts for around 10 per cent of all the messages posted on Twitter, making it the most popular way to use the short-from messaging site after Twitter’s own website. blogger Lance Ulanoff tweeted "If Twitter gets TweetDeck, there will likely be no more TweetDeck."

Hold on, Lance! In April 2010, Twitter acquired Tweetie, the leading iPhone application, renamed it ‘Twitter for iPhone’ and made it FREE. Another blogger, Mark Evans Tech, says a Twitter-TweetDeck deal makes complete sense.

For more on the TweetDeck-Twitter discussions, check out VentureBeat and GigaOm.

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