#musicmonday - Fight to Sing!

The headline screamed: American Idol Contestant Brutally Beaten By Gang Of Girls

Truthfully, the "American Idol" part of the story is what I call "American broadcast media hype" --- 17-year old Shacara McLaurin did actually try out during on eof the TV show's low-level auditions, but didn't make the cut. The April 1st attack on the singing schoolgirl from New York City happened outside the home of the aspiring singer's vocal coach: of curse the victim WAS WARNED ON FACEBOOK the night before she was pummelled with a padlock-wrapped-in-a-sock.

MORAL: Parents, kids and others: if you see any threat on a social network, TELL SOMEBODY! If you see something, say something!

There are additional reports that the beating was over the affections of a boy. ALSO we have NO IDEA what kind of person McLaurin is when around classmates. I've known girls who are so sweet and adorbale around adults but turn into a-holes when in the company of peers.

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