B'day, BAcK and ReAdy 2 BloG

i am in the weirdest mood right now... and im not sure how to exactly explain. first of all, i am very happy that i finally got this blog thing going again. im going to try to make this a really awesome blog. f all you jealous bitches who tried bum me out just because i use my hubby's adsense code. you are all little nothings in a little nothing world. that's why comments are off here. i don't need your bs messing with my head.

readers, peeps, tweeps: i'm gonna share a lot of my favourite recipes with you!

today nikki and i went and got our hair highlighted and cut which was nice. when i got home denti called me offering to treat me to frozen yogurt for my birthday! shes so nice. then I got home and unwrapped my presents and got a special surprise from hubby. my parents sent me a DVD from HK. we had cake, choclit, of course. yummmy. we decided to play monopoly and of course it took a long long time, but it was fun. and i won!! after that everyone left. it was a great birthday. hmmmmm, i just realized i didn't make a wish when I blew out the candles...

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