Guest Post by KitKatz

Luv is a strange & funny thing. Luv is a dangerous trap which everybody will fall in at least once. Life ain't easy but it all happened so naturally tt i didnt even notice it.. Suddenly the moment just cum. i find u thru' the stars, i hope tis nitex will last 4eva. u r the one i think about each dae. U r the dream tat fills my head. U r the one tat i know i will never 4get. Everybody will hab something tat hab to leave behind; i think mine is: U.. I know sometimes it is wrong to just walk away. but wat else can i do to 4get u?! It is no use regrettin' or cryin.. i knew.. "Tell me how can our luv last 4eva"-tis question will leave me on the day when i let u go.. But i know it all had bcum

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