I'm home SICK!

I really tried hard to keep well, but everyone around me was snorting and sneezing, coughing and wheezing, forcing their cold germs onto me. I had no choice but to keep up with the crowd. Yuck.

And my cat can smell that I'm sick so she's stalking me around my house. Everywhere I go, she's right there underfoot. I'm already grump... I know she's just trying to be sympathetic and show her concern for her mommy, but sheesh!

One little, yet oh so huge, observation before I slip into a self-induced Nyquil coma. There are several blogs I have been reading for quite some time. Many of these said blogs are quite widely read. And recently I've noticed most of these blogs take on a political urgency. Not all of their posts are about current political events, but there are a lot more political posts than there used to be.

This makes me happy.

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